Cellar Management

At BCFW we offer both duty paid and in bond storage services, full details can be found in our services section under Wine storage or call the office and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements. Here are a few helpful tips on storing your own wine.

Wine can easily be ruined by storing it incorrectly. It is essential that wine with a cork must be stored on its side or upside down so the cork is kept in contact with the wine at all times. Failure to do this can cause the cork to dry and shrink, allowing air to come in contact with the wine causing oxidation to occur.

Temperature of Cellar/Wine storage

Constant temperature is the most important factor. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can easily destroy wine. The ideal temperature to store wine is between 8oc and 15oc. Many people believe that wine matures quicker in a warmer cellar and the slight temperature fluctuations between seasons can sometimes help mature the wine.

Humidity and Light

Sunlight can destroy wine which is why traditionally many wines come in green bottles to help protect them. Make sure your cellar is free from direct sun light and ideally dark.

Humidity is good for storing wine as it stops the corks from drying out which will preserve your wine. Be careful if you are buying/storing wine for investment as high humidity will stain the labels and therefore de-value the wine by up to 20%. A moderately humid cellar is ideal.

Handy Tips For Investment Wines

We recommend investment wines are held 'In Bond' and sold 'In Bond' which saves you having to pay duty and VAT. Duty is currently £25.01 ex VAT per case on 9 Litre (12 x 75cl) case of still wine under 15% ABV. Unless you are VAT registered you can never claim the VAT back. If you are going to re-sell the wine you should keep it in its original case as wine not in original cases is often worth at least 10% less. If you buy your investment wine through us we will be happy to arrange your storage, see Wine Storage.

Cellar Management

There are three main types of cellars: a drinking cellar, an investment cellar and a working cellar (combination of drinking and investment). More and more people are investing in wine. With a well managed working cellar ten years of wise buying could provide free drinking for the rest of your life. Buying two cases of a given wine, en-primeur or ex cellars, gives you the option to sell one later and re-invest in younger wine or use the profit to pay for the case you wish to drink. We are happy to advise and help customers who wish to manage their own cellar, working with you to help you buy the right wines and the right price and also enjoy the experience.