En Primeur


Buying En Primeur Wine

The term En Primeur refers to the process of buying wine in cask/barrel before it is bottled at the Chateau and released onto the global wine market. The wine is usually delivered 2-3 years after the vintage, and can only be purchased by the unmixed case. En Primeur wine is bought in barrels or cask held at the ChateauHowever you can choose how you wish it to be bottled, ie. half bottles, magnums, imperials. The main advantage of buying wine En Primeur is that the initial opening prices are usually considerably cheaper than after the wine is bottled and shipped by the producer. In recent years En Primeur is increasingly being bought for investment purposes.

If you are interested in En Primeur wine please contact James Goodhart. You can also sign up here for our En Primeur Review Updates which provide a valuable outline of the En Primeur market and prices as they are released, as well as a yearly update on what's drinking now. Allocations are often very sought after, at Bon Coeur Fine Wines we reward our loyal customers first, but there is usually some room for the first time buyer. Please contact us to discuss your requirements at the earliest opportunity. En Primeur releases usually start around April each year.

Click here for a full list of our En Primeur Wines.

En Primeur Special Conditions

You can tell whether a wine is En Primeur as it has EP in the right hand side of the wines listed in our wine list.

Once your wine has been shipped into the UK, it will be delivered to our bonded warehouse and placed in our En Primeur Client Reserves section. We will then contact you to ask for instructions as to where you would like it delivered. Your wines will remain in bond until we receive your instructions, please note that if you do not get in touch with us in a timekly manner storage charges may be incurred whilst we await your instructions. Arrangements can be made with us to keep the wine in bond or stored in our warehouse in Yorkshire. Please click here for full details of our BCFW Storage Services VAT and Duty will be charged per case if you choose to have your wine taken out of bond, see below for details.

What are the costs?

  • All wine is sold by the case exclusive of Duty and Vat (inclusive of shipping and insurance to our UK bond).
  • Charges will be incurred for delivery from our UK bonded account and In Bond Transfers where applicable.  Charges are calculated by your postcode and distance from our UK bonded account in Essex.
  • Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, issued after you have confirmed your order. Payments by cards other than credit cards, cheque or bank/internet transfer incur no additional charges. If paying by credit card you will incur a 2.5% charge on the total cost.
  • All wine remains the ownership of BCFW until all charges are paid for in full.
  • Our initial invoice will be exclusive of Duty, Vat and Delivery/Under Bond Transfer charges (these will be invoiced if you take the wine out of our bond account).  Please note delivery charges from bond are charged at cost depending upon your postcode and the number of cases being delivered. 
  • Annual storage rates will apply for long term storage after the wine is delivered into the UK.

For Example - You bought a case of (12 x 75cl) of Chateau Talbot 2007 for £285.00 In Bond and you would like to get it out of Bond.

  • VAT on the wine - 20% x £285.00 = £57.00
  • Duty on the wine = £25.92
  • VAT on the Duty of the wine - 20% x £25.92 = £5.18
  • Total payable is - £285.00+£57.00+£25.92+£5.18 = £373.10
  • Note: These costs exclude delivery/Under Bond Transfer charges from our UK bonded warehouse, please contact the office for a quote.  Please note delivery charges from bond are charged at cost depending upon your postcode and the number of cases being delivered.

UK Duty

  • Still Wine (5.5 to 15% alcohol)
    £2.16 per 75cl bottle / £25.92 per standard case or volume (12 x 75cl or 9 litres)
  • Sparkling Wine / Champagne (up to 15% alcohol)
    £2.77 per 75cl bottle / £33.24 per standard case or volume (12 x 75cl or 9 litres)
  • Port/Fortified Wine (15 to 22% alcohol)
    £2.89 per 75cl bottle / £34.68 per standard case or volume (12 x 75cl or 9 litres)


Currently stands at 20%. VAT is charged on the current UK Duty rate. Duty and VAT rates are subject to change by the UK government.

*All charges are subject to change by the government at any time, above charges as of Monday 13th March 2017.

Critic Notes and Reviews

Please note the tasting notes and critic scores displayed on this website are not intended to be exhaustive and they may in some cases not be the most recently published figures or updated critic scores published upon re-tasting the wine. In all cases we do our very best to add the latest scores and reviews. However, we recommend to all customers who are looking to purchase wine simply based upon scores and/or critic notes and subsequent reviews, to carry out their own further research into the latest scores and reports prior to purchase.