Food and Wine Matching

‘A meal without wine is like day without sunshine’

Jean-Anthelme Brillant-Savarin
The Physiology of Taste 1825

Food and wine matching doesn’t have to be complicated or involve expensive wines and Michelin starred cookery. But with a little planning even the simplest of dishes can be enhanced. We have put together a Guide to Matching Food and Wine with some basic rules to follow when matching food and wine. Our Matching Grapes to Food is a great way to help you decide what foods to go for if you have already chosen your wine. We have also put together some Seasonal Food and Wine Matching Ideas that will help inspire your food and wine matching though the seasons.

A Guide to Food and Wine Matching

We have put together a guide to help you when matching food and wine. It covers the basic rules of food and wine pairing with the dos and don'ts. Its a great place to start if you are just starting matching food and wines. However, these basic guidelines are followed by the most experienced in the business. Click Here to see our full guide.

Matching Wine Grapes to Food

We have picked out key grape varieties, identified their main characteristics and flavours, where they are from in the world and selected foods that are the perfect pairing. Click Here for the key grape varieties and their food pairings.


Seasonal Food and Wine Matching

If you would like some ideas on food and wine matching throughout the seasons please Click Here for some great suggestions on wines to pair with food in-season. Great ideas to indulge yourself!

Champagne and Food Pairing

Champagne is often drank as an aperitif but it pairs wonderfully with a great selection of foods. Click here for our guide to matching each champagne type with a variety of accompanying foods.