Our Sponsorship

At Bon Coeur Fine Wines, we like to support local events and charities. We are proud to support these charities: Game & Wildlife Conservational Trust (GWCT), New Lights and Art For Youth

Game and Wildlife Conservational Trust - Charity Number 1112023

Located in the heart of North Yorkshire, we are passionate about the preservation of the countryside and support the GWCT. THe GWCT are a charity that develop scientific research to enhance the British countryside for public benefit. Over the years they have reseached and developed game and wildlife management techniques. Providing advice and training to farmers, gamekeepers and land managers, they aim to improve the biodiversity of the countryside.   www.gwct.org.uk

New Lights - Charity Number 1141002

New Lights is a charity that formed in 2010 helping promote emerging young artists in contemporary painting in the North of England. New Lights offers fantastic opportunities to artists in the critical stage of their development, offering workshops, lectures and viewings.   www.newlights.org.uk

Art For Youth 

We have supported Art For Youth North since October 2012 helpeing to raise money for UK Youth - Charity Number 1110590. Their exhibitions enables both established and new artists to show their work and raises funds for the leading youth work charity, UK Youth. www.artforyouthnorth.co.uk

We are only a small company and therefore cannot sponsor all of the charities that we would like to, but we do offer a special charity rate on wine for charity events.