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Wine Storage

It is important that wine is stored in the correct conditions in order to preserve the wine and get the best out of it. We offer our clients wine storage services both In Bond and have a wine store opening in Yorkshire. For further information or advice on wine storage call us on 01325 776446.

In Bond Storage

We store all our wines with the London City Bond Ltd, one of the UK’s leading wine storage companies. Our warehouse is in Tilbury in Essex. All private client wine is stored in a dedicated account for Bon Coeur Fine Wine Private Reserves. Each person has an individual named account; the wines are named for the individual account and each case has their own particular rotation number. We recommend this type of storage for Investment Wines only.

Exempt of Duty and VAT wines can be held and then sold “under bond” when you wish to realise your investment. Wine released from bond will be subject to Duty, VAT and delivery from bond at the prevailing rate. We also handle under bond transfers which are charged depending upon the destination bonded warehouse.

There is a minimum charge of £50 per year to store wines In Bond with our Private Reserves.

No of cases* - Price per annum (excluding VAT) 1–49 cases - £9.95 per case 50 cases and above - £9.49 per case

* Case = 12 bottle of 75cl (or the equivalent volume) standard wooden case dimension

Please note should you wish to store wines not bought through BCFW there is a receiving charge of £3.95 per case (ex VAT). Thereafter the above storage charges apply. You will need to notify us in advance to transfer wines into your bonded account - you will need to provide evidence of the levels and condition of wines prior to the transfer.

Duty Paid Storage

We have a storage facility in a secure purpose built wine store located in North Yorkshire.

No of cases* - Price per annum (excluding VAT)

1–20 cases - £6.95 per case
21–50 cases - £6.45 per case
50 cases and above - £5.95 per case

* Case = 12 bottle of 75cl (or the equivalent volume) standard wooden case dimension

Prices and Payment

Whilst we try to keep prices down, wine storage prices quoted are valid until further notice. Customers will be given one months notice of any price increases. Storage is charged per annum from 1st February to 31st January in arrears. Upon releasing the wine you will be charged to the end of the particular month as a portion of the year's charge. Payment in full for releasing or transferring the wine needs to be paid in full before we will release the wines.


The above prices include insurance for the cost of replacing the wine. Please note once the wine is received by yourself you will need to organise your own insurance cover.


Please provide two weeks notice to enable us to arrange for your wines to be delivered, in December please provide three weeks notice. Delivery charges will be applied. For a quote please contact us.

All instructions for the movement of wine needs to be received in writing either by post, fax or email. We reserve the right to contact the customer to check that these instructions are correct.

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