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Wine Storage Tips

Storing wine incorrectly can easily ruin it. Bon Coeur offers specialist storage facilities for both Retail and In Bond wines. To find out more click here or call us on 01325 776446. 

If you wish to store your own wine, here are a number of tips to help you ensure that your wines stay at their best. 

Lay wine on its side

It is essential that wine with a cork is stored on its side or upside down so the cork is kept in contact with the wine at all times. Failure to do this can cause the cork to dry and shrink, allowing air to come in contact with the wine and causing oxidation to occur, spoiling the wine.


Constant temperature is key. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can easily destroy wine so keep it out of the garage and utility room! The ideal temperature to store wine is between 8oc and 15oc. Many people believe that wine matures quicker in a warmer cellar and the slight temperature fluctuations between seasons can sometimes help mature a wine.

Humidity and Light

Sunlight can destroy wine, which is why traditionally many wines come in green bottles to help protect them from bright light. Make sure your cellar is free from direct sunlight and ideally dark.

Humidity is good for storing wine as it stops the corks from drying out which will preserve your wine. Be careful if you are buying/storing wine for investment as high humidity will stain the labels and therefore de-value the wine by up to 20%. A moderately humid cellar is ideal.


Vibrations, from everyday appliances like washing machines, can spoil wine so ensure that you don’t store wine anywhere near them.

Fine Wines

Fine Wines require special storage conditions to preserve them and retain their value. To find out more about storing Fine Wines please click here

For advice on any aspect of Wine Storage call us on 01325 776446.

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